About us

Acunam Technology Group has been providing a range of world-class ICT products, services and custom solutions to the Namibian market for more than 15 years. Our clients come from various industries within Namibia and abroad. They range from large institutions with multiple branches to SMEs with a single physical location and a few of employees, for whom we provide fully outsourced ICT solutions. All of our clients can rely on our expertise and innovative approach to provide best-fit solutions.

What sets us apart?

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Our people

Our  people are invested in customer satisfaction. We do not have a one size fits all approach because we recognise that our clients are unique and are looking for distinct solutions.

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Our approach

We recognise that our clients have different levels of involvement in the tech and IT landscape.

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Our technology

Our technology guarantees that we can meet a very wide spectrum of ICT requirements. We ensure that our technology enables ICT solutions that are robust, cost-effective and practical, yet scalable enough to meet any challenge.

More about us

We differentiate ourselves in the market by offering fully customisable solutions based on the requirements of each individual client.  We forge strong client relationships and the stability and robustness of our clients’ ICT systems are of the highest priority to us.  We believe strongly in showing our clients our value proposition aligning our solutions with global best practice using a risk-based approach.  We pride ourselves in our highly-skilled, professional staff and our high standards of service delivery.

Acunam owns and manages two primary Data Centres, one in Windhoek and another in Walvis Bay, from where we provide cloud services to our customers, such as Virtual Private Servers for hosting any type of application or database, Offsite Backups, Disaster Recovery Solutions and Co-Location.  We offer our customers the option of completely outsourcing their entire ICT needs, or only strategic parts thereof.  

Our Data Centres feature industry-standard Hosting Platforms (Racks), Redundant Climate Control, Environmental monitoring such as Fire/Smoke Detection & Suppression, Secure Access (Biometric), UPS and Power Backup Generators. We also offer Capex or Opex options for IT equipment procurement, depending on the customer’s requirements.  This helps reduce and control the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of ICT.

Key and critical stock are kept onsite at Acunam’s premises for all equipment covered by us under maintenance agreements, enabling us to carry out repairs as and when required.  Qualified and competent staff are on standby at all times (24 x 365) at both offices.